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Marydalia Coriano

OMG!!! We are so happy for both. We are looking forward to the big day! Such a perfect love story that's like a novela! I was literally crying as I read it! (Sorry, I'm a softie) Many blessings to both of you! Xoxo Much Love!

Henry y oneida

Laura y jasmin muchas bendiciones en el dia de su matrimonio. Y que tengan una eterna vida juntos. Que Dios los bendiga. We love you guys.

Stephany Reyes

OMG!!! I am so happy for the two of you. I can't wait for your big day. BTW. Lovely website. XOXO


I CANNOT wait! This was so tastefully done. Counting down the years... literally 😙


I can't wait! (I will be returning to this site so MANY times for the countdown reference! Lol)

The Knot

Congratulations from The Knot! Best wishes for a happy planning journey and an amazing wedding. yours. truly.